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Looking after your mental & physical & emotional health is an act of kindness to yourself

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Hey There

My  name is Chantice .I am a light worker , mother ,Movement , yoga , Baby wearing Educator & wellness  teacher and creative  . I have been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for 8 years. I am an experienced dance teacher for over 10 years teaching all levels and ages in street dance styles .  I have a huge passion to share and empower others and promote self-love and using Movement , yoga & wellness as a healing tool. I am trained to teach pre and postnatal Hatha yoga  , supporting pregnant  women through there maternal mental health . I am also a baby wearing Educator ,I support mother , parents and caregivers to wear safety and effectively .

I grew up in London . I am British born , but my family are West Indian. I have a close connection with my West Indian background . My roots are of African  ancestry . 

I am passionate about healing and self care , because I believe they both are the tools to connect with self . From experiencing emotional trauma at a young age , it has led me to discover these tools to heal and reconnect with myself . Creating inner peace in my life and supporting others on there journey too .

My life experiences have allowed me to explore myself and learn to trust. I have struggled with heartache, fear, disownment and insecurities. These challenges have taught me to be present, by allowing the natural changes to happen that has lead me to the person I am today .

This has inspired me to want to help and support others on their journey of self-discovery.

My passion in creativity and using movement as my main expression from a young age and continuing to study dance throughout my education and graduating in dance. I started Yoga to aid relaxation during my time in education. I started simply by watching many YouTube videos to guide me throughout the practise. This led to a Home Yoga practise daily and from my previous experience teaching dance I knew my mission was to become a yoga teacher. Yoga has allowed me to be myself. It has allowed me to find trust within myself to honour myself. Yoga has taught me to be strong and kind to myself and others.

Zenwithchan was born through a difficult time in my life. By unfolding hurtful truths of being betrayed. This experience allowed me to love myself divinely.

The Japanese word for Zen is from the Chinese word for Chan which in turn and comes from the Hindu dhyana, the form of yoga through meditation.

To inspire, teach and build. Knowledge is important and taking ownership of you.

The journey of peace continues and I want to be able to spread this joy to others . 

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