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Common Questions Asked ?

Yoga Classes - 

I have never done yoga before , can I still join ?

Yes of Course . Yoga is associable for everyone . All levels are welcome

What equipment do I need to use?

During a yoga class either private or a group class , you'll need a yoga mat or a light towel .

What is yoga?

Yoga is a spiritual practise , which allows you to connect to self . 

I have a health condition an I still do yoga? 

Yes of Course , although depending on your health condition yoga can always be adapted to suit your needs . Yoga is associable for everyone .

Can I do yoga whilst pregnant? 

Yes you can . Pre and postnatal yoga are both safe. Before any form of exercise please discuss with a medical professionals. 

Do I have to be flexible to start yoga? 

No , yoga will aid to support flexibility. 

Can yoga help me loose weight ? 

Yes . Yoga does have benefits of helping with weight loss . 

Reiki healing sessions - 

What do I need for a reiki healing session ? 

All you need is yourself ,an email will be sent once booking is confirming  with more information about what you’ll need or what will benefit you throughout session 

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