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3 Great yogis you should be following

I share with you three beautiful souls that are excellent within the yoga & wellness field. These souls have really inspired me & are great at what they do. Please make sure you are following them too for even more inspiration and guidance within yoga & wellness .

Trust me you don’t want to miss out on these gems 💫

Amani @Melanin_in_bloom

I had the beautiful pleasure to meet Amani during her Kemetic yoga classes that I attended nearly around 3 years ago. These classes was so important to me & I honestly had a beautiful time each week. Especially learning more about Kemetic yoga also fun fact myself & my king attended her classes. Yoga with a partner / husband is everything & so much fun. Amani is honestly a beautiful soul .

Nikita @Nikiyoga

I recently found this queen on instrgam & every single time she shares or just shows up I am smiling from ear to ear. She is a yoga educator & sharing so much important information about yoga & also about deconziling yoga & going back to its original roots. Nikita is a powerhouse at what she does and it’s so beautiful to see someone express & share like she does .

Nico Marie @yogawithnico

Nico has been my go to yoga YouTube page to follow . I am in love with her yoga flows & the different variations she has to offer. Its important as a teacher to also have your own personal practise whether that’s at home or in the studio. I love her patience & guidance in her videos. She’s amazing .

make sure you are following and supporting these queens . i have added there instgram beside there picture.

thank you for all the beautiful work you do 🙏🏾

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