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3 yoga Asanas to help Back Pain (Must TRY)

Do you suffer with back pain . If YES then you have to try these 3 Asanas down below .

Yes back pain is a very common thing that a lot of people suffer with because of our society . Due to our daily lifestyle and living with tend to get back pain a lot .

It’s so important to take care of your back ,with these asana’s they can ease pain and stop any damaging injuries .

Although back pain does not always mean that the pain is coming from the back , it can also be due to unbalances in other muscles or the body .

So make sure you are stretching and moving your body . It makes a huge difference .

So the importance of moving the body and realising tension especially within that area is highly recommended .

I share with you just 3 yoga asanas that you can do , all suitable for beginners.

Please be mindful when doing these and never force your body to do anything that feels uncomfortable.

1.Urdhva Mukha Pasasana - Thread throw the needle

Internal Organs and Stimulation

Relaxing and Calming

Spine and Flexibility

An adaptation to this asana try this

2.Uttana Shishosana - Puppy pose

Maximum stretch to the entire spine

Deep stretch to the arms and shoulders

Improves blood circulations

3.Apasana - Knees to chest

Balance and Emotions

Stimulation and Organs

Energizing, De-stressing, Relaxing

I hope these 3 asanas serve you well and help with any back pain and realise any tension .

Remember to breathe throughout each one . Slow and steady .

Much love


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