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5 ways yoga can improve your mental health

Yoga has a huge range of benefits & the biggest one being the effects it has on your mental health .

yoga creates mental clarity and calmness for the mind , body and soul . With a consistent yoga practice it will aid support and enhance your

mental clarity .

Yoga in the pre & postnatal stages of a pregnant women or birthing person have many benefits for the mother and baby . This is very important because during and after pregnancy a lot of changes occur especially the mothers maternal mental health .

read my five ways yoga can improve your mental health .

1.Reduces stress and anxiety

Yes stress & anxiety is very common in us all . Yoga can not cure you but it can help to guide and support you . Taking a holistic approach towards any challenging times .

2. Allows you to become centred using mediation.

the power of meditation and also the power of your breath . Mediation allows you return back to your breath .

Which allows you to focus and be within your body and breath .

3.Relaxes your nervous system taking you to a parasympathetic state

majority of us live in survial mode and we are constantly in our sympathetic nervous system . It’s important to be in our parasympathetic nervous system . This is your calm and relaxed state .

4.Release helpful brain chemicals

Yes the release of helpful brain chemicals and also hormones. It’s important to have a balance to help and support you .

5.Promote healthy & conscious habits.

To be able to create healthy & conscious habits being consistent is the key . Remember to be patient with yourself throughout and be gentle . It does get easier.

i hope this blog post serves you well and you was able to learn the importance of yoga for your mental health .

thanks for reading

many blessings


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