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BOOKS that have changed my life - real and honest reviews

Books that have changed my life?

Reading books is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I was classed as dyslexic in school which had a huge impact on my learning. Although I did enjoy reading alone and even out loud I always felt like reading was never for me. I used to doubt myself a lot and my abilities to read.

In the last few years I’ve been slowly getting back into reading and just enjoying every single moment of it. I have found joy in reading and I look forward to indulging in beautiful books. My book interests are more self help books, real life stores and books on wellness. I really enjoy a range of books so I am always curious to find more books.

Reading books as helped me a lot on my journey especially through self-discovery.

I share with you below four books that have changed my life. They have really moulded me to the person that I am today and made me just appreciate so much.

Reclaiming right to passage child birth

This book is a powerful book author is Rachel Reed an legand at that . This book I believe everyone should read it, it’s got so many important gems especially on childbirth. The radical right of passage and beauty of childbirth. I have been doing a lot of healing work on my own birth with my first born and was recommended this book, Best purchase ever. I gained so much more knowledge and power and it feels great. I am learning on the journey to trust the process, because birth really does work .

HIM Emperor Haile Sallassie the wise mind & The rise of Rastafari book

This is a book I am constantly coming back to because it’s honestly changed my outlook on a lot. It goes into detail about HIM Emporrer and went into detail about his story. This book made me realise the importance of reading and soaking up information especially on this iconic figure. These books was written great about his life, achievements and role within the Ethiopian emperor. Both great reads

The rules of life book

This book was given to me whilst I was in university, and I remember I used to read it on my commute home that took nearly 3 hours daily. It’s a book full of so much wisdom and joyous words. This book gave me a different outlook on life and the importance of growth from within. It's a powerful read that really makes you think.

Debbie l London – generational trauma

A life changing book that really taught me a lot about healing and especially generational curses. This book is real and raw and I highly recommend if you are on the healing journey and having difficulties with family. This book will make you feel heard and seen, I felt like i experiaced most things in this book and I felt so comfortable with it . Remember healing is not linear .

All these books I've read once or twice but I can honestly say they've changed my outlook on life and giving me even more purpose.

Reading is powerful so pick up that book and believe in yourself

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