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How to make a DIY gratitude Jar .

What is gratitude , let me start by sharing what it really means .

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

"she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support"

Gratitude is honestly a way of life . Gratitude is the positive attitude we place into our minds . Gratitude is the attitude that will keep you motivated.

As humans we have a lot to be grateful for and unfortunately sometimes we forget these special acts of kindness . Gratitude can also be something simple or something bigger it’s honestly whatever you make it .

A gratitude jar is a great way to reflect of your life . What you have , what your doing and where your going . It’s the beautiful reminder that matters the most .

I learnt how to do a gratitude jar by an amazing soul just1tori . I had a pleasure a few years ago to

Join tori's challenge online , it was a life changing Experian e for me especially during a hard time in my life . Thank you tori for your beautiful work .

It’s a practice I’ve been doing for a couple of years and it gives me so much joy .

What you’ll need to make your jar .

An empty jar . ( can be an old food jar etc )

Decorative pens or stickers etc

Note pads or paper ( cut into smaller foldable pieces )

Yes it’s that simple and so effective . This is your sign to create your own jar . Be curious when writing and try your best to stay consistent .

You can wait until a year to reflect on your gratitude jar or you can have moments of picking at random your gratitude notes .

I hope it serves you well .

Remember gratitude is a must .

will you be trying a Gratitude Jar

  • 0%oh yesss

  • 0%ill try my best

  • 0% very much interested and inspired by the concept

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