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The importance of baby wearing & the most ancient parenting tool

Babywearing has been around for centuries . It’s one of the oldest parenting tools that are still used up to this date & is very effective to parents and caregivers .

As a black women and a baby-wearing mama plus a baby wearing educator . Baby wearing has been so helpful whilst parenting my son .

The 20th - 26th June 2022 marks the celebration of black babywearing week . An important week to raise awareness of black and brown baby wearers , educators & companies .

Like most things in this world baby wearing has been changed in the west . It’s ancient traditions with many different cultures wearing there children with all different types of materials .

You might notice now the many adaptations of Baby-wearing.

A lot of people have concerns when baby wearing mainly for safety reasons or because they don’t believe that they are suitable to baby wear .

This comes from a range of what societies exceptions are towards woman and birthing people .

Let me tell you something baby wearing is for all , baby wearing is for all bodies too .

With the help and support of baby wearing peer supporters or consultants .

You’ll be able to get the right support and safety whilst wearing .

Let me tell you some amazing benefits for baby-wearing

-It aids comfort for your baby

-Able to tend quickly to your baby / toddler or child’s needs

-Helps with acid reflux in smaller babies

-Creates bond for mother & baby

-Can be used with smaller babies , to support and encourage them and support health needs

-Able to carry on with daily household activities

Overall baby-wearing is a historical and important partnering tool . It supports emotional , mental & physical well-being for both mother and baby . Its a wonderful & natural way to boost oxcytion levels which is the love hormone .To promote and support even more bonding with yourself and your baby .

For more baby wearying support & information contact me

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