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The Motherland is everything ❤️🙌🏾

I recently travelled to the motherland to Tanzania and Zanzibar. What an experience it was to be back in the motherland after two years and this time with my family .

the last time I traveled was when my son was in the womb at 27weeks .

This trip really allowed me to clear my mind , body and soul . To create more inner connection and most importantly REST.

I’ve not been anywhere aboard since the world shut down & it was an exciting but strange experience to be able to travel again after so long . Plus this time I travelled with my own child . That experience was honestly fine and one thing I can say that helped was being organised for snacks , play and entertainment plus just planning ahead .

We spent the first few days in dar es salaam and explored the city etc and then made our way to Zanzibar, which was another beautiful experience.

Honestly Africa is so beautiful and whatever you might think about it it’s so much better . You have to experience it to fully understand .

below is a video from Tanzania by the beach

What I’ve learnt from this trip thus far

To trust myself

Have even more patience with myself and my family

The importance of union & having faith

it’s beautiful to travel with my family

Even more gratitude towards food as it was the holy month of Ramadan

Acceptance within myself

Taking the well needed time to rest

This being my second time in Africa it always feels so special and just like home.

The feeling of pure joy and bliss surrounded by it all . I am grateful to be able to make more memories.

Africa to the WORLD 🌍

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