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What has Babywearing taught me whilst mothering ?

Baby wearing is something I’ve seen whilst growing up but me myself had never worn another baby. My dad shares this beautiful story when I was little he would carry me now and again, he described it as forward facing baby wearing.

I honestly wish he had a picture taken at the time but the image lives vividly in my brain.

Baby wearing has been the greatest tool for me whilst mothering its helped me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have gained so much strength as well that has guided me throughout my postpartum journey.

My emergency c sections stopped me from doing a lot with my little boy and limited my own self-belief of my mothering. I got my first stretchy wrap because I was inspired by a you tuber I used to watch who spoke so positivity about the baby wearing benefits. At the time I don’t think I realised how much it would help me whilst mothering.

Babywearing taught me

- My inner strength

- Practising even more self care

-Connect with my husband after having a baby

- How to grow into motherhood

-Connecting and building Oxcityon


-Even more boundaries

-Becoming an educator and guiding mothers , parents, families and care givers

-Overall its taught me how to trust myself even deeper

I hope and pray that anyone who wants to babywear or is very curious to gain all off the above because its honestly life changing.

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