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What led me to yoga & wellness?

My journey to yoga and wellness has been one that I honestly needed in my life.

You know that saying when everything happens at the right time and just feels right .

I’ve always been very active and finding yoga was a beautiful way for me to connect to my body even more . I found so much joy in yoga and especially stretching and then I discovered even more of the importance of spirituality.

Like most people I stated my practise at home because at the time I was very young and could not afford the very expensive prices of yoga classes in London . I felt comfortable and safe at home . The importance of attending a group class especially and feeling included as a person of colour is so very important .

I found a lack of this in yoga when I first started and never really saw anyone that looked like me . Even though I knew there MUST be people like me into yoga and wellness I had to really seek and research etc .

I made a decision to take yoga very seriously and learn more about it and become a teacher . The best decision I’ve ever made the impact it’s had in my life now has been my main reason to never give up on my dreams .

Yoga and wellness found me at a time when I needed it so much . It’s helped me mentally, physically, spirituality and emotionally.

I am so grateful for these beautiful ancient tools that thousands have done before me . There sacrifice and dedication is the reason yoga and wellness is still alive today .

I pay so much homage to them .

Overall yoga and wellness as been the tools I’ve needed my entire life .Life skills that help and guide me daily .

Watch my video via my YouTube to find out more . I created this via my YouTube .

I hope it serves you well .

This is also your sign to begin your jounrey or even implement it into your lifestyle . Starting small will make huge changes for your future .

Are you curious about yoga & wellness

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  • 0%nahh its not for me

  • 0%I want to learn more but scared ASF

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