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Prenatal care helps decrease risks during pregnancy and increases the chance of a safe and healthy deliver & maternal mental health.

Prenatal yoga may reduce stress levels and improve sleep patterns during pregnancy. It may also alleviate physical discomfort such as nausea, headaches and lower back pain.

Another benefit typically associated with this type of yoga is the way in which the breathing techniques and state of self-awareness learned can help during delivery.

Pregnancy Pre & Postnatal yoga: Classes

Pre-Natal Hatha Yoga

A Prenatal Hatha yoga class will  include deep breathing, gentle stretching and suitable postures, with props often used ( these props can be household items too ) 

This class is tailor made for your specific needs , to aid & support you during your pregnancy. 

The benefits include - 

Increases Self-esteem, mood & self confidence 

Promotes Maternal Wellbeing 

Increase strength and flexibility in the muscles

Preparation for labour & birth 

Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal Hatha yoga

Postnatal yoga aids to support you during the postpartum period , which is the 4th trimester. 

This class is tailor made for your needs , to set up a postnatal recovery plan for your maternal emotional & physical health . 

The benefits include :

Improve & strengthen your maternal mental health.

Bonding with yourself & you baby, toddler or child . 

Rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles.

Postnatal recovery. Breathe work & gentle movement .  

Yoga at Home
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"However I am getting into preparation mode and what's been beautiful about that .With Chan she's patient & she asks me various questions and making the necessary stages to accommodate  me . ."

Charlene ( Prenatal yoga Client )

Pregnancy Pre & Postnatal yoga: Testimonials

Book your free 30 minute consultation call for your Hatha yoga private online classes . This call is to discuss your needs & desires. During the call I will discuss the private hatha yoga classes in more detail. 

Click link to book via Calendly 

Pregnancy Pre & Postnatal yoga: Contact
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